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Flower Essences


My neighbor grows lavender in her side yard and the aroma that comes from the plant is absolutely intoxicating when the plant is in full bloom. It certainly makes me feel happy and relaxed. And that’s exactly what flower essences are. Extracts made from flowers and plants that have been shown to have energetic and positive effects on both humans and pets. How can the enchanting aroma help your dog? Just like humans, dogs can experience negative feelings and reactions (such as the anxiety felt during a car ride to the vet’s office or meeting a new family member). The floral or plant concentrates can assist with training, conquering a bad behavior, fears, and/or anxiety. Flower essences may also be used in combination with other healing practices, such as holistic or conventional, to support total health. Providing the tinctures to your pup is fairly easy. You can either drip the essence directly into the dog’s mouth, put on her nose to lick it off, or add directly to drinking water. Flower essences may also be placed in a spray bottle for application directly to your dog or her bedding. Remember that flower essences should not replace veterinarian assistance with a physical or emotional ailment. It is encouraging though to note that the things that make us feel better, less anxious, less tired, and more positive, such as the sweet smell of flowers, can also be beneficial for your dogs.


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