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Asthma and Respiratory Issues

Dog SneezingAhhh….the long-awaited first day of Spring.  Even our pups have anticipated the arrival of this beautiful season.  Although lovely to view, the budding trees and flowers can cause problems for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.  And suffering with allergies does not only affect humans.  Our dogs (and cats) can experience the sneezing, itching and teary eyes as well.  This turns my focus to asthma.  Asthma is an inflammatory condition where the airways to the lungs become inflamed and spasm.  Increased amounts of mucus build up and set off the contraction of surrounding muscles.  Typical signs of asthma are coughing and wheezing.  The cough can start off as dry and worsen with phlegm.  Sneezing, appetite loss, and lethargy are also symptoms.  While cats are more prone to suffer from the ailment, it can affect dogs as well.  Most susceptible to this condition are those pets who are overweight, middle-aged or older and those with weakened immunities.

If your pup suffers from asthma, there are quite a few herbal remedies that may help.  And that’s better than injecting them with steroids or an antihistamine.  Mullein suppresses coughs and acts as a lung tonic while Licorice is effective for coughs located in the upper respiratory area.  Marshmallow root is helpful in soothing mucus membranes, and can ease a dry cough. And of course to enhance the immune system, there’s Echinacea.  A wonderful product that contains these herbs is Only Natural Pet Bronchial Wellness Herbal Formula. 

Although there’s nothing you can do about outdoor air quality, you can help your pup (or kitty) indoors.  As airborne allergens are a major contributing factor to asthma, running an air purifier will help reduce particles in your home and make a huge difference for your family. 

Now inhale……exhale……..and breathe easy.


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