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chamomileRelated to the daisy family, the chamomile plant is a perennial that has become one of our most popular teas.  Used for centuries, chamomile has created a reputation to be one of the safest and most soothing herbs on store shelves.  When my daughter was an infant, I provided her with chamomile tea to soothe her colic.  Because of its pleasant nature, she took to the tea easily and still has a taste for it today.  The active element in chamomile that makes it so effective in treating certain health issues is the oil known as bisabolol.  This oil has proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that support its effectiveness in aiding certain ailments.

Dogs prone to stomach upset (or who toss their cookies after becoming too excited) can benefit from a tea or tincture.  The tincture is a bit stronger than a brewed tea.  A ¼ teaspoon per 30 pounds of dog weight every 2-3 hours will help the upset tummy.  Tea is fine to provide to the dog also once cooled.  Brew about 4 tea bags (or 2 tbsp. bulk flowers) and give a tablespoon to the dog every couple of hours.  Chamomile can also be used for itchy, inflamed skin, including flea (or other bug) bites.  You can apply the cooled tea to your dog’s skin and coat as a healing antimicrobial rinse.  The plant has also been shown to have reinforcing effects on muscle tissue throughout the body.  Pregnant or lactating mommas should not drink the tea however as the strengthening effects of muscles affects the uterus.  As with anything herbal, check for your dog’s sensitivity by applying a small amount on your dog’s skin.  If no reaction occurs within an hour or two, then it’s perfectly safe for consumption.  Remember to begin with herbs by supplying half of the recommended dosage and gently increase to the suggested amount.


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