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Meet Lori



I created this website out of my love for dogs……all dogs….my dogs, your dogs, big dogs, little dogs….every single one of them.   They inspire me every day and I have undertaken the task of learning as much as I possibly can to guarantee they each live full, happy and healthy lives.

I studied animal behavior with the Animal Behavior Institute.  My courses included Animal Minds & Emotions, Animal Behavior, Animal Training, Animal Enrichment, and Canine Behavior & Enrichment.  Each course taught me to better understand and speak the language of animals.  After completing my studies, I earned the title Certified Animal Training and Enrichment Professional (CATEP).  Although the dog training industry has come a long way from a decade ago, and more and more people seek certification, anyone can claim to be a dog trainer.  It’s a field where there is not a lot of regulation, although that is changing every day (for the better).

Chelsea GirlI have now commenced studies in pet nutrition with the Academy of Natural Sciences with the goal of earning the title Clinical Pet Nutritionist (CPN).  The interest in this field peaked when in 2006, my 2-year old pit/lab mix, Chelsea, succumbed to the horrible toxicities of the chicken jerky treats then on the market.  Since that time, I have fed my dogs nothing but home-prepared meals and snacks using only fresh, wholesome ingredients.  After losing a dog in such a heart-breaking manner, I plunged into self-teaching myself of ways to combat illness and disease naturally and without pharmaceuticals.  Homeopathic and holistic remedies are gaining strength in popularity and for good reason.  This of course made my decision to earn a title in this field more appealing.

My first goal with this website is to enhance and build the relationship you share with your dog.  By enabling you to comprehend certain behaviors will optimize the beautiful bond shared with your canine companion.  Far too many times, I have seen long-time companions surrendered to a shelter due to a behavioral issue that humans did not understand.  If I can stop that from happening, then I have met my primary objective.  The second goal I have is to offer information of how to provide the finest nutrition and suggest alternative treatments in ensuring your dog receives the absolute very best to reach and maintain optimal health.

For personal in-home (local), telephone or on-line consultations, fill out the form on the “Contact Me” page and provide me with your email address.

I look forward to helping you achieve a more rewarding relationship and stronger bond with your beautiful canines!

Daisy and Chelsea

Bailey (2)

ABI Diploma

CPR Cert


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