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Stop and Wait

???????????????????????????????????????????????????Training your dog to stop and wait isn’t as hard as it looks.  These commands are essential for walking dogs especially when you need to cross an intersection.  To begin, it’s easiest by starting at the door that exits your house to your yard.  Before opening the door to go outside, ask the dog to stop and hold out your hand in a “stop sign” position, and then add “wait.”  Reinforce the behavior with a tasty treat.  Your dog should be focused on you in anticipation of the next direction.  Slowly start to open the door ever so slightly.  Then turn and redirect them to stop and wait again.  Repeat the procedure several times so the dog gets a grasp of what she is supposed to do.  And always reinforce the good behavior with a treat, such as pieces of chicken or hot dog.  (Of course, your dog is going to look at you like your nuts and if she could she would probably yell, “Open the door already!”)

When it comes time for your dog to go for a walk, you can feel confident that she’ll listen to you when you come to an intersection.  Even in the quietest neighborhoods with a 10-15 mph speed zone, you can get someone speeding around and it’s important to keep our canine friends safe.   Other than guide dogs, our pets do not know to stop and look both ways.  Training your dog to understand these commands creates a safer walking experience for both you and your dog.

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