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Dog Eating GrassWhen it comes to dog behavior and why dogs do the things they do, there are a lot of old wives’ tales circulating. One of which is why your dog eats grass. Most believe it is to induce vomiting due to stomach upset and part of that may be correct. But I believe dogs eat grass to obtain chlorophyll. As most of the overly processed commercial foods being fed do not contain certain nutrients, dogs (and cats) will seek valuable vitamins and minerals from plants outdoors. That is why it’s so very important to know what plants and shrubs are okay for your dog (or cat) to ingest. A diet missing in the benefits of grasses, fruits and other plants can progress in your pet developing significant health problems.

Chlorophyll contains magnesium and is the green pigment found in all plants. It cleanses toxins from the bloodstream and as an added bonus — it cures bad breath! That’s why the recommendation of parsley is made to add to your dog’s treats or meals to freshen breath – it’s rich in chlorophyll. There are several ways you can provide chlorophyll to your pets. A liquid version is available and must be refrigerated, but the downside to the liquid is that it can stain (just like grass). You can chop organic parsley and add to their meals or grow some barley or wheat grass which can also be added to their food. I grow wheat grass in my kitchen and provide it to my pets just by placing the container in front of them. There are also supplements available that provide your pet’s dose of “daily greens.”

Grass is perfectly fine for consumption as long as it hasn’t been treated with any chemicals, and if your pet upchucks afterwards, that’s fine too (although messy). It’s just another way of our pets taking care of business themselves…..naturally. Cat Eating Grass

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