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kelpforestKelp is seaweed that is loaded with minerals and natural salts and has a number of benefits for both you and your dog. As Kelp is high in iron, it fortifies the blood that helps the heart pump more proficiently. It also cleanses the digestive tract and improves glandular function. Dogs on kelp supplements have been shown to heal faster from surgery and those with dry skin or skin allergies have had dramatic results after being on a diet that included kelp for 6 months. Their skin problems improved considerably. The addition of this mineral-enriched food has also been shown to control flea infestation for dogs that were on supplements for 3 weeks. Avoid kelp harvested along shorelines that are known to be high in industrial pollutants. The best sources are from places like Norway, Iceland, and Canada. As there are many kelp powders and supplements out there, it is important to note where the Kelp was produced. If interested in the supplements, check out Pet Kelp harvested from the waters off Nova Scotia, Canada or Kelp Health of Norway. Another good product is Only Natural Pet’s Kelp Boost. No matter what supplement you choose, it’s worth looking into…..and your pup will thank you!

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