May 11

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My Dog’s Smarter Than Yours!

Dog Reading BookWhy is my friend’s dog learning much quicker than my dog?  They are both the same age and learning the same commands?  There are many training methods and quick-to books that offer advice on instructing your dog, but it can be totally mind-boggling.  Do I use the clicker method or do I just use cue words?  First and foremost, all dogs are different regardless of breed or age.  Like humans, they have different personalities and character traits.  Compare this to your children.  They each absorb information differently.  Some will acquire the material more easily by watching others and some will gain their knowledge through text.  So just because you trained your older dog using a clicker, doesn’t mean that your younger dog is going to give you the same results, even if they are the same breed.

With a little groundwork and consideration, you should understand the traits of your dog’s breed.  An example is that hounds have great noses (olfactory senses) and he’ll learn faster and more easily by utilizing his keen sense.  Just don’t base his learning on what kind of breed he is.  Paying close attention to how your dog reacts when being taught is an indicator of what he’s capable of learning.  Way too often, people approach dog training with “what’s good for one is good for all.”  Or they’ll take advice from a friend who trained their dog with no problem.  The more productive way to train any dog is to know that dog’s disposition and temperament just by watching.  By observing the dog’s behavior and reactions to normal activities will provide you with a world of information (not written in any book) that will allow you to make the determinations in what is the best way to teach your dog.  Letting your dog know that he is being provided understanding and tolerance instead of cynicism will deliver a happier and healthier pet, and one who is more eager to learn.

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