Apr 29

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The Overly Eager Pup

Excited DogEver get the urge for something and you simply cannot wait to fulfill that desire?  Our canines can suffer from the same impulses.  The need to run out the door as quickly as possible.  To jump on every living thing that walks through the front door.  And to bark at every passerby that dares to enter the field of vision.  How do you control the urges that sometimes take hold of our furry friends?  Controlling impulses can be a little tricky, especially when you have a very excitable dog.  Teaching a canine that calm can be rewarding is essential in educating the dog on how to restrain certain inclinations.  Dogs do not understand that self-control is necessary in daily life and due to the nature of our hectic schedules, our canines are apt to get caught up in the frenzied atmosphere that we have created.

Although this may sound a bit contradictory, one of the simplest ways to teach your dog to remain calm is to purposely get him excited.  Initiate a game of catch or “go find it.”  After some play time when you believe the dog has released a little energy, it’s time to go to work.  Continue with play tossing the ball or just running around, and then stop.  Stand completely still and wait for the dog to settle down, place in a sit or down position, and reward.  This will take a little time and patience as the dog will wonder why on earth the play has stopped.  But just stand perfectly still, wait for the dog to comply with your request to sit, and reward with initiating play again.  Repeat the above procedure a few times until the dog begins to understand the concept that calm behavior is rewarded with more play.

Let’s also not forget to request that the dog comply with all instructions before getting what he wants.  He wants to go outside – ask him to sit at the door before opening it.  He wants to eat – ask him to sit before placing the food down.  If he wants to greet the new visitor at your door, ask him to sit before the new person enters.

Teaching a dog self-control is like teaching a child to not give in to every whim……compare it to you learning not to indulge in every desired piece of chocolate!  Time, patience and consistency in teaching your pup to remain calm when overwhelming excitement seems to be the foremost emotion, will prove valuable in the most chaotic of households.

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