May 01

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The Senior Pup

senior dogGrowing older is just a fact of life for all of us and that includes our pups.  Lessening the possibilities of illness and pain that may arise with age are topics that I enjoy researching and sharing.  As many as 20% of all dogs will develop arthritis as they mature, and preventing them from hurting shouldn’t have to rely on pharmaceuticals that can lead to other issues.  Most of the prescription drugs given for this ailment have been shown to have negative effects on the kidney and liver.  These drugs after all are toxins and a body’s organs have a hard time eliminating chemical compounds.

Boswellia is a botanical medicine and has been used for thousands of years.  There are over 400 clinical studies behind its use and it has been recognized for containing anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties.  It also appears to be fast-acting, which is a definite plus when experiencing pain, along with having no adverse side effects associated with the mainstream drugs.  Boswellia, along with Bromelain and Turmeric, seem to be gaining a lot of attention in treating humans and our pets.  A lot of remedies being marketed today are adding these herbal ingredients finding that these herbs will not cause any further damage to cartilage that many conventional anti-inflammatories do and have no side effects with long-term administration.  Another bonus is that Boswellia helps to preserve the structural integrity of the cartilage and does not seem to cause any stomach irritation or joint degradation.  This herb has been shown to help maintain smooth and comfortable joint movement that can deteriorate with aging.  If you suspect your pup has begun to experience joint stiffness, Boswellia is an herb to consider.

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