Jun 25

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The Sleeping Dog

Sleeping DogWhere does your dog sleep?  A lot of the so-called experts in the field of dog training state that you shouldn’t allow the dog to sleep in the same bed due to behavioral issues.  It’s also stated that some dogs will believe that she’s the household’s dominant member if allowed to sleep in the same bed.

Allowing your pet on the furniture will not cause aggression or dominance.  However, if your dog growls at you when you sit next to them, then you need to ask her to get off the couch.  You don’t want to let her know that it’s okay for her to be hostile when you want to sit down too.  She can get up on the furniture again after you have chosen your spot on the couch.  Permitting your dog on the furniture is a personal decision and shouldn’t be swayed by what is written about any negative behavior resulting.

Of course, a puppy that has not yet been housetrained should not be allowed to sleep in your bed (for obvious reasons).  A puppy needs to learn to rest calmly in a crate and to utilize soft bedding for quiet times.  It’s also a good idea to keep puppy off the furniture until she grows due to the stress jumping puts on their joints.

Despite all of the warnings and “professional” facts, pets are members of our families and we like to snuggle with them.  Being close with our dogs provides a sense of wellness and emotional support.  Embracing your pet can also ease pain as it offers a sense of relaxation and calm.  There are quite a few studies that suggest that having a pet lowers blood pressure and that people who have pets live longer.  I have read the studies, and personally know that having my dogs sleep close provides me with a sense of tranquility and peacefulness (especially after a long day at the office).  Sweet Dreams!

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